My Services


I offer a very simple way for you to Live your Legend.I dedicate myself to you, inspiring you to find your passionate life. A session with me will help you to uncover who you are and know your simple truth. I will help you to get inspired by others instead of comparing yourself to them. We will work on getting rid of negative self talk. When you work with me one on one you learn to take immediate action and start living your legendary purpose!!!

I will incorporate the use of several vibrational sciences  and your heart energy to help you really know yourself and to accomplish your goals. I will teach you the importance of gratitude and how to integrate it into your daily life. I will even share with you how to get in alignment with the universal flow. You will learn to attract all your desires that are for your best and highest good. You will be able to create a life of meaning that resonates with your whole heart truth. One simple session with me and you start manifesting miracles. You are NOW becoming capable of Living your Legend!!!!

Each session is one hour long and cost $47.00 per hour. Session come with a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied after the first session, I will be happy to return your fee.  I want you to know that there are people in this world you can  trust.  To start with you can trust your decision to use my services.  I am available to you as often as you need me to be.

Remember, you do have the strength within yourself to live your passion. Also please check out every Monday night for my live radio show. Just click on the live radio tab and click the button that says join Reverend Raven.  All shows start at 8:30 pm EST. Hope to see you all there. {{{Hugs}}} <3