Choose To Be Happy !!! :)


smile and be happy

On the show, Raising Vibrations Radio, I talk about life is a choice. That you create your own Universe that surrounds you. But what happens when you do get into a funk? The best answer that comes from my heart that I can honestly share with you is to come from gratitude. Put a big ole smile on your face and just say “Thank You” . Be glad in your heart that you have an opportunity to grow as a spiritual being and that you will be provided resources to get through your challenging time. What do I mean by resources….well friends for one as a start. Your family is another, people you just met, an unfamiliar network like, or your inner voice that gives you guidance. You see we are never alone during a challenge. So say Thank You Universe and wait and see how your situation turns out. I bet it’s awesome. My love to you all {{{Hugs}}} <3

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