Unconditional Love Is Not Blind


hearts see

Being light-workers we all tend to love unconditionally. That doesn’t mean  that we are blind to  people and their traits. It’s that we see them all and love them anyway. You see we are spiritual beings in human form that take on human traits. Some of us forget how special we truly are and need the help of a light-worker to shed the truth again. Let’s look at the word unconditional, which means without conditions. When we love unconditionally we love without putting conditions on that love. We accept ourselves and others with all traits good or bad. It doesn’t mean that we allow them to hurt us and disrespect us, it’s means allowing them to be  who they are in the moment and loving all of them. Sometimes when we are in a relationship that is not true to our own inner being the most unconditional act we can do for our own self and for their well being too is to let them go. You see in order for you to experience unconditional love, or share it with others, you must have it for yourself. you know what your good and bad traits are, you accept them, you even work on what you call the bad traits. However you don’t allow them to keep you from growing and seeking your own truth. Your own heart accepts you for you and when you can do that for yourself then others will too. When you love and receive unconditionally then you have the greatest gift of all. I love you all. {{{Hugs}}} <3

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