Unconditional Love Is Not Blind

Being light-workers we all tend to love unconditionally. That doesn’t mean  that we are blind to  people and their traits. It’s that we see them all and love them anyway. You see we are spiritual beings in human form that take on human traits. Some of us forget how special we truly are and need […]

Everything You Feel Is Valid

On tonight’s show I touched on the the basics of feelings and emotions. How we should state how we feel versus the I am statements. You see it’s okay to feel angry, sad,hurt, happy and joy just know that they are temporary states of being. That they assists you in your spiritual growth. However be […]

Choose To Be Happy !!! :)

On the show, Raising Vibrations Radio, I talk about life is a choice. That you create your own Universe that surrounds you. But what happens when you do get into a funk? The best answer that comes from my heart that I can honestly share with you is to come from gratitude. Put a big […]

Listen To Your Inner Voice

Always take time to listen to your inner voice. I find when I don’t take time to go within an consult with my inner wisdom things seem to go awry. So do yourself a favor, take time to consult with your higher self. You will be glad you did. You always have the right answer. […]